Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wings Update

So, it looks like the wings were better received than I thought they'd be. Its a tremendous relief since I thought I was going to be fending off judgemental remarks at the sheer scale of my nerdiness.

Popular Mechanics listed me as one of the 7 coolest projects of World Maker Faire 2011!

I got news from the CEO of my museum (New York Hall of Science) that we're going to turn the wings into an installation piece that will live on the museum floor. They are going to be placed up on a stand and programmed to flap on their own continuously. I might even build a manual control box to allow visitors to control them. Then again, I might not. Visitors destroy everything. Everything.

And last but not least, the museum's fund raising department asked me to bring the wings to our annual gala to show it off to the big wig trustees and investors! Was definitely a nice photo op (see below).