Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Argh. So, I've run into debouncing problems before but this one just isnt going away. Debouncing happens when you flip a crappy mechanical switch. In the brief instant that you perceive as a single button press, the current jumps from high to low (or 1 to 0) a bunch of times confusing your program since it doesnt know if its on or off. This means that when you try to press a button to switch an LED on and make it stay on after you release the button, you only get that outcome by chance since the program sees the button as switching back and forth multiple times.

Im working on making a pendulum that will swing past a metal brush, thus closing the circuit. I want to design it so that just the single contact with the metal brush causes it to flip from one LED to another, but the bouncing issue doesnt allow it to switch consistently. I'm sure I'm just being impatient and that Scott will cover it in class, but I like trying to figure it out on my own. Back to work now.

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