Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Final Project - Interactive Table Top Slide Museum Installation

Hey Everyone, I know its really late, but heres a video of my final project for physical computing.

Most of the description is in the video, but the basic idea is that a museum visitor can walk up to the slide, drop a random object at the top and depending on how fast the object slides down and how much it weighs, an animation is displayed that shows how the energy is transfered from potential energy to kinetic energy and how much is lost to friction. Once its running better, students could use the slide as a way to perform their own investigations of friction and energy by sliding objects of different shape, size, weight and texture, or even putting different surfaces on the slide itself like sand paper, wax paper, grease (probably not), etc.

It still needs to be painted, polished and finished, but I think it's looking pretty sleek and minimalist which is what I was going for. Enjoy!

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