About Me

Guest starring on Sesame Street. I'm on the right.
I currently work at the New York Hall of Science where I help develop hands-on, technology augmented playground exhibits in the hopes that we can capitalize on the high affective engagement and intrinsic motivation of play to teach fundamental science concepts.

My background is in physics and education, but my number one interest since the day I was born is how things work. Taking apart my toys and anything else that puzzled me, my curiosity drove everything I did. Since then, not much has changed except that I've recently discovered that there's more joy in putting things together than taking them apart.

Lately I have begun undertaking creative projects of my own that range from giant costume props to desktop toys to science-themed museum exhibits. The parts I enjoy most are solving problems that arise during the design process. Whether I encounter the problems during a mental run-through before the project or after I've gotten my hands dirty, coming up with creative solutions to obstacles is what I would spend every moment of a given day doing if given the opportunity.

I am only beginning to scratch the surface of the maker world. Everyday I realize there is more out there that I don't know, from programming languages to hardware systems to new sensor technologies. However, every day I still get more and more excited at the possibilities and my hunger for learning new ways to make cool things grows. In addition to making gadgets and things that are rarely needed but often appreciated, I'm very interested in how technology can be used in unexpected contexts as well as a means to teach people, particularly about science.

If you're interested in any of the things on this site or have any ideas on how to improve them let me know! I don't claim to do anything in the best possible way, but I do hope to make things that are original and thought provoking.

adiel _ fernandez at yahoo dot com